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Incentive Foundation recognizes its duty as a responsible corporate entity to help the communities in which we work and live. The Foundation was established in March 2005 as the philanthropic arm of Inspiration India, in order to provide a more focused structure to the on-going Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of the company. Although it is a registered charity under Sec 80G and an institution of public character, the Foundation does not publicly solicit donations, but relies mainly on the returns generated by its parent company, Incentive Destinations.

Incentive Foundation was formed with a vision to empower change through education, while its underlying mission is to help build a more equitable society by empowering individuals in order to bridge the socio-economic divide. The Foundation aims to achieve this by aiding communities and providing support in the areas of education and healthcare and developing more initiatives that are geared towards the vulnerable sections of our society who have little or no access to any assistance. To ensure sustainable and inclusive growth, a number of rural academic and healthcare initiatives have been taken up by the Foundation since its inception in the urban village of Bandhwari, near Delhi.

Incentive Foundation believes that education is the key to breaking the unyielding cycle of poverty. It provides make-up classes for the young girls of Bandhwari, who have dropped out of the education system, as they are not allowed to go beyond the village premises to pursue higher education, so that they can complete their education through the National Open School/University. It also aims to help young adults enhance their capabilities and skills in order to become employable.

Incentive Foundation is also engaged in conducting health camps on a regular basis, in association with established hospitals and also spreading health awareness through house-to-house campaigning with mobilizers employed from the village.On the agenda are plans to develop a structured Internship Program for young academics who would like to work in rural development. Arrangements will be made to provide safe housing in Gurgaon and the necessary assistance to help the intern contribute productively to the sustainable development model.

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