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Bhutan, land of the Thunder Dragon, is the most mysterious and unknown of all the Himalayan kingdoms. Hidden in isolation behind the high peaks of the Himalaya, and for centuries forbidden to foreigners, this Buddhist kingdom has succeeded in preserving its timeless traditions and ancestral way of life.


For centuries India has attracted travellers to her shores. These travellers have returned home, enriched, enthralled and enraptured by an experience! An experience that is unique and memorable. An experience called "India". We invite you to join us on journeys that help you discover India! These tours are specially designed for travellers who are venturing into India for the first time.


Sun, sand and sea, a thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, massive lagoons with infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination. It is the ideal destination for those who wish to relax totally with no distractions, plenty of golden sand, warm lagoons and a kaleidoscopic underwater world.


This small country is wedged in between two giants, the arid plateau of Tibet and the hot fertile plains and jungles of India. The Himalaya forms the backbone of Nepal and provides some of the best mountain scenery in the world. There are many ways to enjoy the spectacular beauty of these giants and Nepal offers them all. Long the preserve of mountaineers and trekkers, the spectacular vistas can now be enjoyed by all.

Sri Lanka

Marco Polo once said that Sri Lanka was one of the ‘finest islands in the world’ and an increasing numbers of visitors are finding it hard to disagree. Known as the ‘teardrop of India’, Sri Lanka has it all – a tropical climate, traditional Buddhist culture, unique and colourful wildlife, welcoming people, inviting sandy-beaches and cooler, temperate hill stations.

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