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Inspiration India was established by Anup Nair, with the simple philosophy of offering clients the best possible travel experiences in the Indian subcontinent. He recognised that the only way of achieving this was to have specialists with detailed, in-depth knowledge of the countries in South Asia backed by a no-compromise attitude to quality and service. Inspiration India now offers a comprehensive range of programmes throughout India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Our Indian Subcontinent specialists have been born and bred here and have travelled extensively throughout the region, so you can rely on their first-hand knowledge. We also make sure that they regularly revisit their regions, meticulously inspect hotels and keep up to date with all travel-related issues. We believe this approach is unique to us and ultimately ensures that our guests will have the best possible travel experience.

We also bring the joy of tailor-made travel to our guests in a way that their complete holiday in this region is designed around their own requirements, so they are not tied to the set itinerary of a group. This allows them to explore at their own pace and select accommodation that suits their needs. If your guests are travelling to this region for the first time, or returning to explore further, we hope to organise inspiring journeys for them in the Indian subcontinent in a manner that our passion for the region and its people shines through.

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